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A little of Chantelle Rose by Cristina Hodgson Guest Post

Wales, UK
Afternoon everyone, so today I have a guest post for the new book A little of Chantelle Rose by Cristina Hodgson. If you've been reading my blog lately you'll know that I reviewed this book a couple of days ago (see review here), I received the e-book as part of Jenny's Book Tour.
A little of Chantelle Rose by Cristina Hodgson
The debut novel is based on a young woman living in London who is looking to change her life. In the novel, Chantelle, after becoming an extra in a “seedy crime film” is offered the chance of a lifetime, a role to play with a million dollars to win and seemingly nothing to lose; she accepts without thinking twice. Little does she know that the role she's been given to play may strip her of everything. Simultaneously, two men seem set on winning her heart, but someone also seems bent on scaring her away. The novel is suitable for young adult readers who enjoy romantic comedies.
Reflecting on the journey to publication, Cristina remarks that being accepted for publication “is without a doubt one of the most magical and incredible moments that any author will feel”.

Cristina graduated with a degree in PE and Sports Science in 1997. She was the Cross Country Team Captain in her second year at Loughborough when the team won the BUSA (BUCS) Championships. Amongst the team was fellow alumna, Paula Radcliffe. Throughout her time at Loughborough and during her sporting career, Cristina reached national and international level as a triathlete. She is the current Spanish National age group Aquathlon champion.
Testimonial from Camilla Morton (International Bestseller of “How to walk in High Heels”).
An extremely witty romance with a twist and refreshingly different. For all the “roses” that know the only spike should be a stiletto, here is a new heroine to escape with. Chantelle Rose is like chocolate something to devour in one sitting...the perfect date night book when you're not out on your own adventures.”
Camilla Morton, International Bestseller of “How to walk in High Heels”
This would be Cristina' s dream cast for A little of Chantelle Rose:
A little of Chantelle Rose by Cristina Hodgson
  • Selena Gomez as Chantelle Rose. I'd choose Selena because of her dark looks and up- beat, happy-go-lucky personality. Both Selena and Chantelle are 24 years old too, so that's a perfect match. (Though Selena would have to improve her British accent a little to get the role spot on!)
  • Matt Bomer as Lionel King. Lionel is the epitome of class and elegance. I didn't need to look far to find Matt Bomer to fill this role.
  • Henry Cavill as Robbie. I need someone similar in looks to Lionel, but with an extra ragged edge. Henry is perfect. A British actor for a British character.
A little of Chantelle Rose by Cristina Hodgson

There will be a FREE promotion on A little of Chantelle Rose from the 9th June to the 11th June.
Have you read this book yet? What were your thoughts?
*Information and photos in this post were sent to me by Jenny for her Book Tour.

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