Welsh girl trying to find her way in the world. All round Blogger with a passion for Fictional Characters.

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A Little Something About Me

Wales, UK
Welcome to my little space on the world wide web.

I have been a blogger since my teens with various blogs, sites and content over the years. I am just like you, writing for the enjoyment of writing and learning about myself along the way. I love to write about so many things, I’m sure there will be something here for all of you, beauty posts, plenty of travel photos and a little of everything in between. 

I would love to be a professional at blogging, but I’m not, no where close to some of the bloggers out there but that’s not to say my content isn’t as good as theirs, I’m always learning, and looking to learn from others. My blog may only be a hobby but I’d like to think I work hard at writing the best I can and I really hope you guys enjoy what you read.

I write honestly and I will give my opinion about a product or place whether it’s good or bad, I don’t believe in sugar coating something to please everyone else. I will always give my honest opinion.

I love to travel but I’m at that point in my life where I am settling down and my love to travelling far and wide is having to sit on the back burner for a while, so why not re-live my travels with me through my posts in my blog.

You can e-mail here: wearahalo@gmail.com
or find me on Twitter: @wearahalo


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