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NYX Palette & Hot Singles Eyeshadows

Wales, UK
NYX are fast becoming one of my favourite make-up brands and if I had the money I would buy so many more products to try out. These are my latest editions to my ever growing collection, the NYX Empty 9 Shadow Pro Palette, NYX Own The Night Individual Hot Singles Eyeshadow and NYX Stiletto Individual Hot Singles Eyeshadow.

NYX Palette & Single Eyeshadows

The Pro Palette states “Customise and create your own 9 shadow palette. Perfect for the artist on the go or for those who want to personalise their own palette. Swap and switch up new colours with ease!”

The palette comes in a black card sleeve, both the sleeve and the palette are quite under your fingers. The palette is magnetised so it’s both easy to open and close, also it holds your shadows in place. 

The Eyeshadow’s come in small card pockets, which you just take out and pop straight into the palette, easy. Own The Night is a darker brown shade with a hint of purple and Stiletto is a soft nude colour, perfect for every day wear.

NYX Palette & Single Eyeshadows

I like the feel of the palette and I really like the it’s magnetised to keep the lid down and to keep the single shadows in their pockets. I love that you can customise the palette with whatever colours you want, seeing as I rarely wear eyeshadow I will likely fill it with nude and brown colours. 

All I knew when I went in to buy these was that I wanted some neutral colours, when I saw the display photo and the colour the model was wearing was Own The Night, a little darker than I initially wanted but I love the colour of it, it doesn't apply as dark as I was expecting but you can build it up.

The only thing I particularly dislike about the palette is that I have had to write the names of the shadows on the palette with a white pen otherwise I wouldn’t know which was which, but I suppose this would be the case with all blank palettes.

NYX Palette & Single Eyeshadows

So would I re-buy these? Yes I would, once I have filled up this palette, with a bunch of nude colours I will probably look into buying the smaller palette as well for some brighter colours.

Are you a fan of NYX Cosmetics? I’d love to hear your suggestions of what I should try next.


  1. I keep picking up empty palettes so I can build my own, but I have so many palettes already that I keep bottling it haha! I really want to build a glitter palette! x

    1. Haha, I think I actually prefer building my own palettes. I'd love to have a full glitter one too. thank you for the comment lovely.


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