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L'Oreal Beauty And The Beast 'Beast' Collection

Wales, UK
So today I have to apologise a little slightly, as this is just a reworked version of an old post, as I am away for two days and I didn't have time to write something from scratch, but having said that I hope you enjoy my review of the 'Beast' Lipstick and Nail Polish from the L'Oreal Beauty and the Beast collection.

L'Oreal Beauty And The Beast

A couple of months ago after asking my boyfriend if I could play a game on his phone, he told me he would have to check what was open on his phone as he has a recipe he didn’t want me to see in his notes, he wouldn’t tell me what this recipe was, only that I could have it Saturday, you are probably as confused as I was but I left it. Then yesterday when we got home he sat me down and told me to watch the video on the pen drive he handed me (I’ll try get it up on YouTube soon), I read the instructions and ended up with a little box which to my surprise contained these little beauties.

Let's Go On An Adventure - Travel Bucket List

Wales, UK
I’ve had a bucket list in my head for years and actually wrote most of it down in a blog post on my old blog but I have decided to split it into a couple of different lists, so here is my travel bucket list. There are so many places in the world I want to visit, there are also many wonderful places in which I have had the opportunity to visit already.

Travel Bucket List

Anything with a strikethrough is somewhere I have already had the chance to visit, and anything which is coloured is somewhere I have visited and is a link to a blog post. Everything else is on my list of places I still need to visit. I’ll keep adding to this list as and when I think of more places.

NYX Palette & Hot Singles Eyeshadows

Wales, UK
NYX are fast becoming one of my favourite make-up brands and if I had the money I would buy so many more products to try out. These are my latest editions to my ever growing collection, the NYX Empty 9 Shadow Pro Palette, NYX Own The Night Individual Hot Singles Eyeshadow and NYX Stiletto Individual Hot Singles Eyeshadow.

NYX Palette & Single Eyeshadows

The Pro Palette states “Customise and create your own 9 shadow palette. Perfect for the artist on the go or for those who want to personalise their own palette. Swap and switch up new colours with ease!”