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L'Oreal Beauty And The Beast 'Beast' Collection

Wales, UK
So today I have to apologise a little slightly, as this is just a reworked version of an old post, as I am away for two days and I didn't have time to write something from scratch, but having said that I hope you enjoy my review of the 'Beast' Lipstick and Nail Polish from the L'Oreal Beauty and the Beast collection.

L'Oreal Beauty And The Beast

A couple of months ago after asking my boyfriend if I could play a game on his phone, he told me he would have to check what was open on his phone as he has a recipe he didn’t want me to see in his notes, he wouldn’t tell me what this recipe was, only that I could have it Saturday, you are probably as confused as I was but I left it. Then yesterday when we got home he sat me down and told me to watch the video on the pen drive he handed me (I’ll try get it up on YouTube soon), I read the instructions and ended up with a little box which to my surprise contained these little beauties.

L'Oreal Beauty And The Beast

I had been talking with a friend of mine on twitter about how I really wanted the ‘Beast’ products from the L’oreal Beauty and the Beast collection which is only available on amazon Italy. So he had been creeping on my twitter and noticed I wanted them and as a thank you (not that he ever needs to thank me) he secretly bought me them and put together a little video - and then recorded me watching the video and opening the box.

Moving on to what you actually want to know, the packaging has kind of like a suede feel to it and comes in the colour Navy with claw marks down the length of the lipstick case and across the top of the nail polish. I love how the packaging looks on both products.

L'Oreal Beauty And The Beast

The lipstick is a dark caramel coloured brown in the shade 703 Oud Obsession and has the L’Oreal Paris logo carved into the lipstick itself.

The nail polish is a Navy colour in the shade 668 Bleu Royal. The stem of the brush has ridges in and the brush itself is semi-flat which I prefer because I find that it applies easier and more even. 

I love both of these, but I tend to get more wear out of the nail polish as it’s a gorgeous Navy colour, and I don’t wear lipstick all that often, but I do love the colour of the lipstick and wear it more for a night out than daily.

Did you managed to get your hands on any of these products? What were your first impressions?


  1. Aw wow, these look amazing! Such gorgeous, rich shades and I adore the little details on the packaging :D beautiful captures! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Me too, I love the packaging of all the duos, but the actual colours of these suited me a lot more than the others. They're both gorgeous colours when they're on as well. thanks for the comment.


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