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This Time Next Year ... (plus giveaway)

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Hello 30, that’s right. I said it. I’m 30 today. That has come around far too quickly. So last month I read a post by Jodie, about some of her goals for ‘this time next year’ I loved the idea of how the post was set out so (with her consent) I stole this because I figured this would be a good post to post on my 30th birthday. So here we go.

This Time Next Year

This time next year: I will have completed my 30 at 30 bucket list, this is probably a bit of a long shot but I’m going to give it my best.

I will achieve this by: Planning ahead and not leaving things until last minute. I need to allocate time to do things and not just panic that I haven’t done them. 

This time next year: This blog will still be going strong and be somewhat of a success for me. 

I will achieve this by: Not being lazy when it comes to my posts, I will write them in advance, edit photos in advance, keep on top of my stats, read and comment on more blogs and grow my social media.

This time next year: I’ll have my own house.

I will achieve this by: Saving hard and not spending money on things I really don’t need - this goes for my boyfriend as well who like’s electronics and pudding a little too much. We both need to save hard and hopefully we’ll have our own house.

This time next year: Someone will have bought a photo I have taken.

I will achieve this by: I have never done any courses in photography (although I hope to within the nest year) I just love to take photos and with more practice and experience and hopefully time and money for a course I will be able to turn my hobby into something more.

This time next year: I will have written a book.

I will achieve this by: Taking time to actually write more, work on storylines and characters and then evolve them, proof read chapters and annotate. It doesn’t have to be a book anyone will read but just a completed book that I’ve written.

And here we are, 5 goals for the next year, I wonder how many of these I will actually be able to complete. What are your goals for the next year?

This Time Next Year

So I asked a couple of weeks ago on Twitter what kind of giveaway you guys would want and you voted for Stationery and Books, so I ended up buying way too much and have decided to split it, so giveaway number one is this little package.

All you have to do is head over to my Twitter and follow and RT my pinned tweet.

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