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FIRST LOOK: Soph x Make Up Revolution

Wales, UK
Hello Hello.

How are we all today? Good I hope. So today I have a first look at Soph’s (SophDoesNails) collaboration with Make Up Revolution on an eyeshadow and highlighter palette. I have been watching Soph since just before she reached 300k - which in actual fact is not actually that long as she has whizzed through subscribers, but getting back to today, as soon as I saw Soph’s youtube video about these I knew I had to have them.

Soph x Make Up Revolution

Due to being in work I couldn’t order these until I got home from work, which led to me not receiving mine until Monday rather than Saturday when others seemed to be getting theirs, but they arrived in perfect condition, I was so excited to see that they had arrived and I just couldn't wait to see what they looked like - and I have to say they certainly didn’t disappoint, Soph has done an amazing job with both of these palettes.

Anyway, I’d better stop my rattling on and show you (although I’m sure you’ve seen many a photo of them by now). They both come on very pretty, pale coloured boxes. The highlighter palette has a window so that you can see the highlighters themselves, and also has Soph’s name across the front.

Soph x Make Up Revolution

In the highlighter palette you get 8 highlighters all of different shades so there should be something for everyone and at just £8 I personally think it’s a bargain. The colours range from a very pale almost white colour to a rustic copper colour - and i have already picked out my favourite shade before even trying them out.

Soph x Make Up Revolution

The eyeshadow palette comes in a pale watercolour styled box, again with her name on the front and then the palette itself is a plain cream colour with her name. All the shades are on the back of the box. Soph has also chosen all the names of her shadows (to which she explains the reasons behind them in her video)

Soph x Make Up Revolution

The eyeshadow palette comes with 24 different shades and as Soph explains in her video she wanted everyone to be able to find something in this palette and I think she has done an amazing job choosing the colours. There are a variation of matte and shimmers, so something for everyone. I, like many of you probably didn’t need another eyeshadow palette but the colour ‘Pine Tree’ sold it for me. Again I have yet to try any of these but I always know that is going to be one of my favourites colours.

I will hopefully be trying out some looks with these palette soon, so keep your eyes peeled for those. 
Have you guys managed to get your hands on any of these palette yet? What are you thoughts so far?



  1. I am in desperate need of these palettes. When I saw that she had some I squealed with excitement as I love her! The colours look perfect! I NEED!

    Ciara | www.teatimewithciara.com

  2. There are some gorgeous Autumnal colours in there! These are an absolute bargain and brilliant for someone on a budget <3 xx


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